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Entrepreneurship is like setting sail on an exciting adventure, but the journey is full of challenges. It's not just about having a great idea; it's about figuring out how to make it all work. Entrepreneurs often struggle with things like getting the right systems in place, managing finances, and making technology work for them. It can be a bit overwhelming. Yet, in facing these challenges, there's a chance for real success. Helping entrepreneurs navigate these hurdles isn't just a service we provide– it's a commitment to making the tough parts a bit easier and turning obstacles into opportunities for triumph.

Do any of these statements seem familiar?

  • I have a passion for my business idea, but I feel overwhelmed by the process of setting up everything from systems to finances to technology. I need guidance.

  • I understand the importance of technology in business, but I'm not sure how to integrate it seamlessly. I need help making the right choices for my business.

  • Family is crucial to me, and I'm starting this business to provide a better life for them. I need a tribe who understands the balance between business success and family support.

  • I want to ensure that my business not only survives but thrives. I'm looking for a supportive community and expert advice to help me establish a solid foundation.

  • I want my business to be financially stable, but I lack the knowledge and confidence to handle the financial aspects effectively. I need someone to guide me through it.

  • I believe in my business idea, but I'm not sure how to create the right systems and structures to make it scalable. I need people who can guide me through the process.

You are definitely not alone, and we have been there.

Meet Lori and Heidi.

Lori Walker

Heidi Totten

We met in 2013 when we joined a business training that focused on the systems and structure of building a business. Lori had just gone through a divorce. Heidi had just turned 40 and ended a business partnership. We understood the power of networking and connection as well as education and training when starting a business. We both loved coaching and strategy, and soon decided to partner up and create a business around teaching goal setting through a workshop model.

While it was successful, we decided after 18 months to pursue other opportunities in our individual and growing businesses. Lori started and grew Utah Leading Ladies, a monthly gathering for education and networking. Heidi started and grew 100 Humanitarians International, and took a few hundred people to Kenya.

We both worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs in strategy sessions.

We navigated the pandemic, pivoted, and had the foundation in business to thrive.

Then, last year after a few white board sessions, we landed on an idea to take everything we have learned over 10 years of entrepreneurship, combine forces again, and created The Business Blender.

The Goal: Educate, train, and build the technology and systems to support entrepreneurs who want to start and grow a business.

What you get with us is a combined 50 years of experience in starting, strategizing, growing, and scaling a sustainable business.

If we aren't your tribe, we know someone else who can help you.

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