The Start Up Accelerator

Designed for People in Utah

Who Want to Launch a Business

No one could have anticipated the disruption in education

that happened in 2020

Many people were on a chosen path, only to be derailed when the world shut down. While people are incredibly resilient, we've talked to hundreds who took a step back to figure out what they wanted to do with their lives. Then, one day we were sitting at the kitchen table, discussing the future, when inspiration struck!

We thought of the gazillions of people who want to develop the skills to start any business they want. Whether they are going into the trades, starting side gigs, launching a new business or even if they aren't sure what they want, yet, but know they want to create something epic.

Welcome to creating something epic!

StartUp Utah was created to help people who want to learn and apply the 12 foundational skills to start and scale a business!





What Does the Start Up

Program Include?

We Kick Things Off with a new cohort every month!

This program is intense, but very doable, even if you are currently working! We start off with an orientation to introduce you to the 6 month program and to meet your cohort. They will become your business besties! This will include the 12 modules you will be completing to learn the key business skills that will set you up for success.

After the orientation, you will begin your online training, but don't worry - you will have the opportunity to meet up each month during your program for networking and connection opportunities. No one builds their business alone!

What Does a Cohort Include?

The 12 courses you need to start and set up your business with systems and technology that will allow you to scale!

Live Q&A and strategy with custom support for YOUR business and what YOU are trying to accomplish.

Monthly networking opportunities online and in person, so you can create new connections to grow your business!

What Topics do the 12 Courses Include?

  • Creating a Business Blueprint

  • How to manage your money

  • Banking & Payment Processing

  • Market Research & Customer Service

  • Mindset and goal setting

  • Ultimate Networking for Business Success

  • Creating an Online Tech Stack

  • Websites and Funnels

  • Creating a Marketing System that Works

  • Managing Projects and People

  • Sales Strategies

  • Scheduling & Tracking Appointments

And so much more!

Getting Started is Simple

1. Download the 12 Step Guide to Starting a Business (and read it!)

2. Watch the 12 Step Training to Starting a Business that goes along with the Guide

3. Schedule a call to see if the StartUp Utah Program is right for you.

Heidi Totten & Lori Walker

Combined, Heidi and Lori have more than 50 years of experience in helping hundreds of women entrepreneurs launch and scale businesses. They have used their mad business skills to run networking groups, non-profits, and when they get stuck in life, they grab yoga pants, tacos, and a white board, and magic happens.

They also have 4 teenagers between them, who are heading quickly into adulthood, and need the foundational skills for how to start, run, and scale a business. Whether it's a full time career or a side-gig, it's a new world and a new economy, and they want to help Utah start up!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Your Give Back?

We sponsor single mothers who need the business training to help support their families.

What Age Do I Need to Be?

A big requirement is that our participants have to be able to open their own business bank account. The minimum age to join is 18.

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